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AJ Lee and CM Punk Dating?


Evidence has been mounting that WWE Diva’s Champion AJ Lee (April Mendez) and CM Punk (Phil Brooks) are possibly an item.

AJ Lee has been spotted together several times with CM Punk, going back to a Cubs game in September.

There have been multiple fan reports of them traveling together (usually sneaking in and out of the arena) on CM Punk’s private bus during recent WWE tours (including the weekend of the Battle Ground PPV).

And sources say CM Punk was right by AJ’s side on the night she suffered a concussion, even flying down to Tampa in order to spend time with her during the week she was out.

In what seems to have been a cute tribute to each other, AJ attended a comic convention wearing a CM Punk t-shirt, and Punk was in a breast cancer awareness commercial wearing AJ’s “Love Life” t-shirt.

Now, at least one fan report says the two have been seen together on WWE’s current tour of Mexico.

And in what seems to be the first official acknowledgment of their relationship, after Friday night’s Smackdown aired an angle featuring Big E. Langston turning face to help CM Punk — AJ Tweeted “Nice work, E. Clearly you’re still on my payroll.” which makes no sense, unless she’s acknowledging a relationship with CM Punk. As they have had no on-screen connection since last year.

The only strange thing is that if all of those fan reports are true, it seems like someone — in this age of smartphones, would have taken a photo of the two together in public by now.

I wish them both the best. Regardless.

Edited to add: For those saying “Punk’s with Lita (Amy Dumas)” — as far as I know, they haven’t been seen together in months.

And Lita disappeared from Twitter around the same time Punk was seen with AJ at the Cubs game. She Tweeted regularly until a couple of weeks before that. So it’s quite possible they broke up, and Amy’s simply avoiding Twitter so she isn’t asked about it.

And of course, it’s also possible (but not likely in my opinion) that AJ and Punk are just friends.